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When most people see dirt or dust in the home they simply think of it as nothing more than household dirt or dust and don’t see any reason to contact a local air duct cleaning services provider in their town.

Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. In fact, any expert from Duct Kings can tell you that household dirt and dust is actually a mixture of several elements.

These elements not only have the potential to rise symptoms in allergy sufferers but as stated at NADCA they can really cause poor air quality in your home also known as indoor air quality.

You can clean, dust, and vacuum as much as you want, but you will never completely rid of your precious home dust and other particles.

This is because when the air conditioning HVAC system kicks on it basically circulates the contaminated air throughout your air conditioning.

Much of this dirt and debris can become trapped inside the ducts where it will not only cause more health concerns but will decrease the efficiency of your system.

Air Duct Cleaning

Why Your Ducts Need Cleaning

As a homeowner, there is a very good chance that you are aware of duct cleaning and HVAC cleaning services
in your area.

In fact, you have probably received at least a poster or two from some local air duct cleaning company in your area.

The poster was probably flashy and probably had some professional HVAC air duct cleaning tech showing off the before and after effect of the residential duct cleaning process.

Some posters might even stick in a few of the key health benefits of ducts and heating and cooling system cleaning like improving the life of your heating and air conditioner system, saving you money on electricity, increasing your home’s indoor air quality, and many more.

Simply put, you have heard of an air duct cleaning service, but you probably don’t fully understand the need or importance of the procedure.

Air Ducts During The Construction Phase

Duct Kings will tell you right now just because you are living in a brand new home doesn’t mean that you should exempt yourself from a duct cleaning service.

Why is this? This is because most HVAC equipment is installed in the attic, crawlspaces, basements, and sometimes in between walls.

This means that they need to be installed very early on in the new construction phase. Some companies will cover these vents, while others will leave them open freely.

With all the tile cutting, sanding, and drywall that takes place during the new construction phase it would be hard to imagine how even the newest of homes would have clean ducts.

This type of debris will settle in the lining of the ducts and just blow particles throughout the home every time the system comes on.

especially when we talking about a commercial property during a construction phase you will get a lot of dust and debris in your vents but no worry we have one of the best commercial air duct cleaning company especially for this reason.

Exposure To Animal Carcasses

It might sound frightening at first, but the truth of the matter is that it is not uncommon to find animal carcasses in the ductwork.

Even a tiny mouse or rat could potentially threaten the health of your family.

Most of the time smaller critters will try to access the ductwork seeking warmth or coolness.

These critters are so small that they can easily penetrate the duct without altering the homeowner.

They will make their way into the ductwork where they eventually die off or come into contact with something electric that kills them.

Not only will the death of these creatures cause an unpleasant smell in the home, but they could be lethal to the air in the home.

Exposure To Mold

You might not know it right now, but your HVAC system is literally a breeding ground for mold.

This is probably more so true for individuals that use the cooling more the heating.

During the summer months, the dust and debris in your ducts and dryer vent system are more prone to condensate like a cool soda can be exposed to warmer temperatures.

Well, there are a number of just minor things that could go wrong in the entire HVAC system. Such errors could lead to condensation build-up inside the duct and system itself.

Moisture with the combination of the duct will eventually lead to mold growth.

Professional mold removal services like Duct Kings can safely remove this mold as well as fix the issue that caused the growth in the first place.

You probably know by now that long-term exposure to mold and other lint isn’t going to do your family’s health any good.


The Benefits Of A Duct Cleaning

From what you have already discovered above there is a good chance that duct cleaning would probably make you breathe easier at the least both figuratively and literally and if you want to know even more about air duct cleaning check our duct cleaning news.

Of course, this all sounds well and good, but what are the benefits of duct cleaning on paper?

Energy Efficiency​ Will Save You Money

When most people and companies talk about cleaning air ducts in their home or business, you will probably find that the biggest benefit they state first is the health benefit, cleaning household dirt, dust and debris will increase your indoor air quality, prevent health problems and improve your overall health.

Sure, this is true and is a major benefit, but there is something else that you have to look at.

In today’s time-saving money is never a bad thing. And, that is exactly what duct cleaning can do for you.

When systems are dirty and have leaks they have to work twice as hard to satisfy them temps in the home.

Enhances The Life Of The System

Another economic benefit of duct cleaning is that it can potentially save the life of your duct system and unit.

As you probably already guessed, when systems have to work twice as hard to satisfy the temperature in the home it means that the major components like the compressor and blower are spinning and pumping longer than they should have to.

This extra wear and tear will destroy the lives of these vital components. The same can be said for duct systems because leaks and cracks will lead to more debris build-up and vibrations, which could lead to potential breaks in the system.

It Saves On A Yearly Tune-Up

Most homeowners already have their HVAC systems cleaned or tuned up once a year.

This basically means that a local tech comes out to the home, cleans the unit, checks the temperatures, checks the pressures, and performs a few electrical tests.

Well, when you take advantage of The Duct King to clean air ducts in your home or office, you will be basically getting the most important part of the tune-up.

This will be the cleaning of the coils and the blower wheel. Of course, you won’t get pressure checks and electrical checks, but the cleaning should give you peace of mind.

A Better Living Environment

Everyone wants to be comfortable when they are at home. And, why shouldn’t they? Well, duct cleaning could be just the thing that you need to increase the quality of living in your home.

When dust levels in homes build up in the air conditioning system it is going to be distributed and circulated throughout the home every time the HVAC system comes on.

Even if you aren’t sensitive to allergies, cleaner air is going to mean that you and your family are overall healthier. Just breathing in pollutants and dust could eventually lead to unwanted sneezing and coughing.

They could even impact your sinuses leading to colds and other illnesses.

How We Clean Your Air Ducts

Duct Kings Applies Negative Pressure To The Ducts

When seeking out professional cleaning services in your area, you will find that there are a number of companies to choose from.

Each company will boast about its offerings and swear that it can offer things the competition can’t.

At the end of the day, there are a number of companies in the area with the knowledge to handle professional air duct cleaning services, but The Duct Kings Cleaning and Restoration Services takes a more innovative approach to duct cleaning by applying high-powered negative pressure to the system.

When our air duct cleaning technicians arrive at the home, they will shut down the shut, tie into the supply side with a HEPA vacuum, and throw the system into a negative state.

This ensures that all the loose dust and debris in the heating ventilation and air conditioning unit are sucked out and of course, the air ducts cleaned.

You combine this with the fact that we also blow positive pressure into the branches and you will be amazed at what we remove from the system.

Properly Sealing Your Ducts

When you choose Duct Kings for your duct cleaning services, you need to be aware of the fact that you are getting a thorough job.

Here at Duct Kings, we not only clean your ducts, but we make sure that they are properly sealed.

In fact, this could be one of the very reasons that your ducts are currently dirty. When our estimator arrives on the premises of your home he or she will go ahead and perform a leak test on the system.

This will identify any leaks within the system. Our estimator will note these leaks so that our cleanup crew can come in and seal the leaks before performing the duct cleaning.

Cleaning a system with cracks and leaks is basically defeating the purpose. And, the system will end up in need of cleaning before its scheduled time.

Cleaning Coils And Blower Fan

When most people think of vent cleaning services they only tend to think of the ductwork.

Sure, the ductwork is a major part of any duct system, but you cannot omit the HVAC unit itself. This is the unit that actually blows cooled and warm air into the home.

Without the HVAC unit, the duct system would basically be just that, a duct system. Well, this system can grow mold, develop dust, and be potentially harmful to the health of your family.

This is because the evaporator coil and blower wheel are constantly exposed to contaminated air.

Each time contaminated air passes by one of the components a few particles will be left where they will eventually grow and build up.

Duct Kings goes the extra mile for its customers and makes it a special point to clean both the coils and blower wheel.

Why Choose The Duct Kings For Local Air Duct Cleaning in Your Area?

Informing You About IAQ Products

You have probably already come to the realization that technology is taking over the world.

Technology has probably made a major impact on your life in the last 5 or so years.

Well, you might be surprised to learn that technology has also made an impact on the duct cleaning world.

There are now a number of IAQ products available that can help you battle unwanted bacteria and keep your duct cleaner for longer periods of time.

Most homeowners are completely unaware of these products and how they can benefit from them.

This is why at Duct Kings, we make sure that our techs are highly informed about the latest IAQ products. They attend monthly training seminars and classes to keep them refreshed on such products.

Our highly skilled team of duct cleaners not only can make you aware of such products, but we can install them for you as well.

Duct Kings Offers Free Quotes

Do you have a few questions, feel overwhelmed by the whole decision, or maybe you aren’t just sure if your ducts need cleaning. Well, do not hesitate to reach out to your local Duct Kings.

We will not only send out highly trained duct cleaners to your home, but we will provide you with unequivocal proof that your ducts need cleaning.

Regardless, of how neat or clean you are there will come a time when the HVAC system and duct system need cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that the time is right now.

We do not want to burden our customers and offer them a service when they don’t need it in the first place. Our estimator will ensure that the air ducts in your home need to be cleaned.

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