What Are The Best Places to Live in Dallas

It’s not uncommon for people to shift to a new city or state due to educational, professional, or social preferences. Some people even relocate for a change of scenery. Thousands of Americans, from one coast to the other, migrate to Dallas each year, as the city offers a burgeoning economy, fair tax laws, and a lifestyle that suits your personal needs.

Whether you prefer an exciting lifestyle full of nightclubs and parties or are looking for a family-friendly, quiet, peaceful community, Dallas has it all. Here are some of the best neighborhoods and suburbs of the city.

Best Neighborhood Choices in Dallas

You’ll find a great variety of neighborhoods in the heart of Dallas. It all comes down to your personal preferences. Whether you’re a person who’s into flamboyant neighborhoods and exceptional galleries, or a fan of a serene, simple lifestyle with your pet with lots of greenery, Dallas has everything you want and need.

Let’s take a look at some of the best neighborhood choices:

Uptown Dallas

Right in the heart of Dallas, Uptown is a true urban neighborhood with numerous art museums, several boutique shops, and a bunch of top-notch entertainment venues. If you’re a cinephile, the Magnolia Theatre alone is enough to attract you to Uptown.

The Katy Trail is the perfect setting for an early morning stroll for nature lovers. You can even chill at the Katy Trail Ice House to grab a drink after a strenuous jog or a long walk. In addition, Uptown is full of canine-friendly parks and patios. Overall, Uptown is a great choice for someone who’s thinking of shifting to Dallas.

Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn is a lively neighborhood that attracts 20-30-year-old singles due to its vibrant nightlife. Moreover, the district is the center of Dallas’s LGBT community. Each year, Dallas’s annual Pride parade is held at Cedar Springs Road.

The neighborhood has some excellent walking tracks and jogging trails, making it an excellent choice for late-night strolls with your significant other and even your pet. But the area isn’t only famous for its bars, nightclubs, and parties.

The magnificent old homes with beautiful porches and picturesque brownstones attract tourists and visitors from all over Dallas. Moreover, Oak Lawn is full of high-end shopping centers, cool cafes, and impressive luxury hotels.

Bishop Arts District

We’ve talked about great urban neighborhoods and party-freak localities. Now, let’s talk about the “cool kid on the block”. Bishop Arts District is the best choice of residency for millennials who are in search of affordable housing.

In addition, the neighborhood has a great diversity of artsy galleries, community events, and restaurants. And to top it all, Bishop Arts District has its distinct small-town vibe that’s unparalleled throughout Dallas. Each month, on the first Thursday, the residents host a Wine Walk in which you can roam around and visit the indie, electric shops of the district while enjoying a unique assortment of wines.

University Park

Have you ever wanted to visit the Oval Office but never got the opportunity? Well, it won’t be the real thing, but there’s a replica of the Oval Office that you can visit during your tour of the George W.

Bush Presidential Center. If you decide to relocate to University Park, you can boast about going to the Holmes Aquatic Center whenever you want to. You can find some great shopping centers and vintage entertainment centers in the Snider Plaza. Not only that, but University Park is located in such a perfect spot that you can easily access the North West Highway, the U.S. Highway 75, and the Dallas North Tollway.

Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow is a prestigious district located slightly north of University Park. It has been a home of ex-presidents, NFL legends, and business tycoons. Once you shift to Preston Hollow, you can cash in on some of the best private schools, luxurious shopping centers such as Dallas Galleria and North Park Center, and a few mesmerizing parks. Outdoor physical activities such as soccer, baseball, and tennis are common.

The residents of Preston Hollow feel proud for living in a community that values beauty and respects other people’s privacy.

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Best Suburbs in Dallas

Many people prefer suburbs over city life, as they find the slower pace of suburban lifestyle and the low housing prices very luring. Let’s discuss some of the best suburb choices in Dallas:


Just a few miles north of downtown Dallas, the historic town was established in 1872 and has withstood the test of time. Allen is a great suburban district for young families, especially those with kids, as the area has a wealthy collection of playgrounds, schools, ponds, and trails. You’ll find a great variety of houses, from vintage cottages and rambler houses to homes based on newer and unique architectural styles.

Moreover, Allen boasts an exceptionally good shopping hub, with the likes of Allen Premium Outlets and Cabela’s attracting shopping enthusiasts from all over Dallas.

Highland Village

Highland Village, which many still consider to be a part of Flower Mound, has a whopping population of 17 thousand people, many of which are above 40. In fact, the median age was estimated at 43, with more than half of the population having a Bachelor’s degree at the very least.

Highland Village is famous for its custom-built homes and peaceful, quiet life, which is why the suburb is the perfect choice for older elder people. Verf’s and the 20-mile Inland Trail are some of the best attractions of the area.

If you’ve ever fantasized about trying any of Morris Salerno’s dishes, you’re in for a treat because he has been serving customers at the Bistecca Italian Warehouse for over 20 years.


Who said foodies don’t have anywhere to go in Dallas? Roanoke also called the Unique Dining Capital of Texas, boasts many restaurants of all sorts. The suburb has about 60 restaurants within a radius of 6 miles. From pie shops (Oak Street Pie Company) to Italian (Calabrese and Inzo Italian Kitchen), from Mexican (Los Molcajetes) to seafood (Bayou Jacks Cajun Grill), there’s almost every type of restaurant to satisfy your palate.

The suburb is not only famous for the extensive variety it offers in terms of restaurants. The residents hold plenty of festivals and events throughout the year, among which Evenings on Oak Street Concert Series, Farmer’s Market, Roanoke EggAPalooza, and Fishing in the Park are the most famous.


Plano ranks 4th when it comes to the largest cities of the Dallas Fort Worth region. Plano located in collin county is known for its plain, simple lifestyle and is well-liked by people who have well-thought-out plans for their future.

More than 57 percent of the inhabitants hold a bachelor’s degree at least. Considering the level and quality of education that the residents have and are offered, Plano boasts one of the lowest crime rates not only in Dallas but in all of Texas. All in all, Plano is a picture-perfect place for enjoying a top-quality life and raising a family.

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