How To Clean A Dryer Vent With A Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower is an extremely flexible tool that can be utilized for a number of jobs they weren’t originally developed for, from removing snow to threading pipes. One typical use is blasting lint from clothes dryer vents.

Here we will show you how to clean a dryer air vent with a leaf blower.

This video reveals to you just how effective it can be.

What is The Lint in a Clothes Dryer Air Vent?

Before we explain how to get rid of lint from dryer vents, let’s start with the lint first, so, what is exactly lint and also where it originates from. It is essential to comprehend a little bit regarding lint before choosing how to remove it from a clogged dryer vent.

Our clothes release tiny fibers during the drying and cleaning that build up to a big mass that calls lint.

These little fibers are eliminated from your clothes along with dirt by the friction of the washing procedure when you clean your clothes. Much of it remains stuck to your garments in the washing machine due to the fact that your clothing is still wet.

However, when your garments undergo the clothes dryer, dust fibers are gotten rid of from your clothes. This is a regular part of the process, and also clothes dryers have special dust screens to catch as much of the dust as feasible.

leaf blower dryer vent

Why Do You Require to Get Rid of Lint From a Clothes Dryer Vent?

There are numerous important reasons why you need to remove lint regularly from your clothes dryer. The initial is that a build-up of lint will reduce the airflow in your clothes dryer, which leads to decreased performance.

lint in the air vent can likewise develop mold and mildew in your house walls and insulation.

Probably the most crucial factor, though, is due to the fact that dust is flammable– and also if you don’t remove it, it can become a fire danger. Actually, it is believed that around 20,000 residence fires annually in the United States are triggered by dust igniting.

For all these reasons, you need to on a regular basis clean the lint caught in your clothes dryer. You must additionally get rid of the lint accumulation from the clothes dryer’s air duct at the very least once a year.

Allow’s take a look at how to do it currently.

Cleaning a Dryer Air Vent With a Leaf Blower

If you wish to clean your dryer vent with a leaf blower– and also we’ll speak even more regarding whether you need to momentarily– below are the steps to adhere to.

  1. Gain Access To The Dryer Vent And Remove the Hose
    The first thing you need to do is gain access to the clothes dryer vent. This will most likely mean dragging the clothes dryer far from the wall so you can work behind it.
    Eliminate the hose from the air vent. You may have the ability to do this without any devices or you might require to unscrew it.
  2. Remove The Cover From The Outside
    The following step is to eliminate the cover from the exterior air vent that permits the air to escape from the building. The air blowing via the pipe will create also much stress and you will harm the tubing or also your leaf blower if you don’t do this.
    Once more, you will possibly require to loosen the screws that are holding the cover in position.
  3. Clean The Outside Part
    When you remove the cover outside, you can likewise take the opportunity to clean the air vent manually. For this, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush cleaner to remove the worst of the dust that has actually developed around the cover.
  4. Put The Leaf Blower And Create A Seal
    As soon as you have actually cleaned outside, return within and also put the completion of your leaf blower in the dryer’s air vent.
    It does not matter which sort of leaf blower you make use of– a gas leaf blower will work well, yet some can be really effective so ensure you don’t begin on the highest possible setting or you may harm the airing vent duct.
    A cordless leaf blower or an electrical one can likewise be utilized– although backpack leaf blowers might not be functional due to the fact that they occupy a lot of room.
    For this to function, you need to seal the vent around the leaf blower nozzle. One usual means– as seen in the video above– is to utilize air duct tape.
  5. Turn The Leaf Blower On
    When whatever remains in place, you can give the leaf blower a brief blast. Repeat a few times, and also if whatever appears ok, you can leave it blowing for up to 30 secs. This ought to be very reliable at blowing up all the dust in the pipe out of the exterior air vent.
  6. Check The Outside Vent And Clean
    Check outside to see if the dust has actually been gotten rid of. Clean around the external vent once more as before.
  7. Put Everything Back In Place
    When you have successfully cleared out your air vent, remove the leaf blower and also put whatever back into place, reattaching the clothes dryer to the vent and also screwing back on the outside cover.

Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent By Yourself?

Some say that cleaning a vent out in this way is not advisable considering that dust is combustible and the hot air might trigger the lint to spark when you try to blow it out.

If you have a concertina-style venting air duct, the lint may obtain embedded folds up, implying a leaf blower is additionally not an effective tool for removing it.

If your vent satisfies the following conditions, a leaf blower may be useful:

  • Brief pipeline
    A leaf blower won’t be effective sufficient if the vent is as well long.
  • Straight pipeline
    If your vent is not right, once more, the leaf blower won’t have adequate power to clear it.
  • Not concertina-style pipeline
    As pointed out, if you have concertina-style ducting, the lint will certainly stick in the folds. You might additionally damage the ducting.

The Duct Kings Tip

Making use of a leaf blower can be a wonderful method to clean your dryer vent of lint. You require to understand exactly how to do it effectively, and you need to have the right kind of air vent ducting. Otherwise, if you thinking about who cleans dryer vents professionally you should employ an expert dryer vent cleaning company to do the job.

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