Cleaning Dryer Vents Services For Residential Properties

  • Clothes Taking Longer to Dry
  • Excess Lint Behind The Dryer
  • Moldy Smell
  • No Lint on The Lint Screen
  • Excess Lint or Pet Hair on Clothing
  • Unusually Hot Dryer and Clothing
  • Lint Around The Door Seal

Clean Your Home and Apartment Dryer Vent With The Duct Kings

There is nothing more rewarding than owning a home. Sure, this is going to come with a lot of responsibilities, but you have to look at it like you are putting down roots and making a long-term investment. A home is something that can later be sold or passed down to your children.

That being said, throughout your ownership, you will without a doubt have to perform a variety of maintenance tasks. Depending on where you live, you might have to clean your gutters yearly or you might even have to cut the grass on a weekly basis but you should never forget to do residential dryer vent cleaning service too.

A lot of people forget about the maintenance tasks like cleaning the dryer vents in their homes. This is not to be confused with cleaning the lent trap of the dryer. Although this is an extremely important task, The Duct Kings just cannot express how important it is to undergo a dryer vent cleaning on a yearly basis.

residential dryer duct cleaning

Get An Affordable Residential Cleaning Dryer Vents Service

If you are like most do it yourself homeowners there is a good chance that you have probably looked up a video or two about dryer vent cleaning. Heck, you might even have tried to clean your vents on your own. After all, there are a number of local hardware stores that sell dryer vent cleaning kits. The only problem is that the kits are really inadequate and they don’t come back with the knowledge of the pros.

The Duct Kings understands that hiring a dryer vent cleaner for your residential home is an expense that no one wants to bear, but you can see that it would prove to be more than beneficial.

Sure, you can try to do the job yourself, but can you be 100% sure that you will be able to get the vent fully cleaned? Would you know if your vent isn’t up to code? What are you going to do if you rip a hole in your vent or tear it apart? You would be in immediate trouble. However, when you do business with us this is something that you will never have to worry about.

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Why The Duct Kings Are Best For Residential Jobs

Backed With Years Of Experience

Everyone has to start somewhere and just because a company is new it doesn’t mean that their boss or employees don’t have extensive experience in their niche. That being said, it can always be scary to hire a newer company.

This is just another reason why doing business with The Duct Kings is a no brainer. We have not only been in the commercial air duct cleaning and residential air duct cleaning service industry for a number of years, but our employees are highly trained and backed with years of experience in the field as well. When doing business with us, you can rest assured that you will get a cleaner that is knowledgeable as well as professional.

No Forced Contracts

Don’t you just hate pushy salesmen and companies that force you into contracts? It always seems like these ordeals never turn out good. While we do offer several types of maintenance agreements and contracts at The Duct Kings, we never force them on our customers.

Of course, we are going to offer them because you can benefit from them. However, if this is something that you do not want all you have to do is tell us.

Our cleaning and restoration services will perform the cleaning without forcing you into a lengthy contract or making the entire situation uncomfortable.

No Hidden Fees

When most people think of vent cleaning services they only tend to think of the ductwork. Sure, the ductwork is a major part of any duct system, but you cannot omit the HVAC unit itself. This is the unit that actually blows cooled and warm air into the home.

Without the HVAC unit, the duct system would basically be just that, a duct system. Well, this system can grow mold, develop dust, and be potentially harmful to the health of your family. This is because the evaporator coil and blower wheel are constantly exposed to contaminated air.

Each time contaminated air passes by one of the components a few particles will be left where they will eventually grow and build up. Duct Kings goes the extra mile for its customers and makes it a special point to clean both the coils and blower wheel.

Clogged Dryer Vent

Clogged Dryer Vent Warning Signs

  • It takes longer than normal to dry your clothes.
  • You see a burning odor
  • Your clothing is warm to the touch at the end of a load
  • Moldy smell
  • You can see lint or debris in the dryer tube or around the outdoors dryer flap
  • You have not cleaned your vents in over a year
  • Lint around the door seal

Who Is Duct Kings And What They Do

We are a residential dryer vent maintenance company with the tools and know-how to handle all your residential dryer vents needs. We not only employ a professional and highly skilled staff of cleaners, but we make sure that they are equipped with everything that they need to get any job done.

The Duct Kings is different than traditional dryer vent cleaning companies because we are willing to go the extra mile. Whether you need a dryer vent cleaning service, get it replaced, or reran, we have the tools and ability to so.

Getting You Up To Code

You would be surprised to learn how many house fires are due to malfunctioning clothes dryer or clogged dryer vents that cause dryer fires. As a residential cleaning repair company, this is just something that we see all too often. And, it really is sad to see because it could have been so easily prevented if you clean your dryer on time.

What’s even worse is that under these very circumstances the insurance could deny your claims. The adjuster could write you off as being at fault because you as the homeowner are responsible to do a professional dryer vent cleaning process.

Not only this, but the adjuster can do the same thing if your vents aren’t up to code. This is just another area that makes us an exceptional residential inspection and cleaning provider. We have the techs with the knowledge and know-how to spot and identify dryer vents that aren’t up to code.

Regardless, if your vents run the wrong way or are installed with inadequate materials, The Duct Kings has the employees, tools, and skill to rectify these situations.

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Improve The Lifespan And Efficiency Of Your Dryer

Residential dryers are without a doubt one of the most used household appliances. Despite this fact, cleaning the vents are one of the most overlooked tasks. You already learned that omitting your yearly cleaning could not only potentially cause house fires in residential buildings, but it could learn to the ultimate breakdown of your dryer. Not only this, a malfunctioning or clogged dryer vent can cause your clothes dryer to work inefficiently during its lifespan.

When dryer vents are clogged or pinched off they force you to run the dryer longer to fully dry clothes. During the entire process, this will also cause the dryer to produce more immense amounts of heat. When residential dryer vent cleaners remove clogs and debris from these vents it will make your dryer work more efficiently while maintaining normal to moderate temperatures.

Duct Kings Also Does Commercial

Throughout the entirety of this article, you have heard us talk about our residential cleaning services over and over again. There is no denying that we believe in what we are doing and are willing to go above and beyond for our residential customers. However, you should also know that we are not just your average dryer vent cleaning company. In fact, we offer commercial dryer duct cleaning as well.

We have the techs, trucks, tools, and skills to handle any residential or commercial dryer vent cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you are running an apartment complex or own a chain of laundromats, Duct Kings has everything that you need to be wrapped up in one unique and professional company.

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