Being a Houston, TX property owner, luckily there are very good chances that you already have been told about air duct cleaning services. In general, it’s possible you have possibly got an advertisement or even a multiple inside your mailbox making a claim dealing with duct cleaning and the lots of advantages.

You may have thought of air duct cleaning Houston TX provider. Maybe you are currently on the fence. No matter what the situation is, there are plenty of methods you are able to advantage from air duct cleaning expert services in Houston.

Even so, moreover, you may have to be sure that you’re finding the time to do really good analysis before choosing a service provider.

Choose the unsuitable company and those full potential duct cleaning added benefits goes right out the window. To make sure you reap all the benefits of duct cleaning, you’ll have to choose a provider which can deliver the results on top of the highest with the utmost professionalism and reliability.

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The Duct Kings Take advantage of Negative Pressure Clean-up Specialist techniques

It was actually mentioned above of the fact that air duct cleaning affectivity will definitely depend upon exactly how providers complete that duct cleaning. In case the duct cleaning is not taken with the proper systems and operations this can quite frankly can wipe out the whole function of the main air conditioner cleaning.

This is exactly why our company is going to take the time to make certain that we are complete and additionally just make everything for the fullest extent achievable. Once we visit your household our own specialists will guarantee your air duct unit is completely sealed.

Each tech is going to go down the track and secure into the positive or supply element from your air duct mechanism with a HEPA vac. This unique vacuum is normally positioned out as near toward the duct work systems it may possibly be and it will produce negative pressure onto the over-all air duct equipment. This specific negative pressure results in every loose debris and dirt inside the cooling systems to get sucked up within the HEPA vacuum.

The Advantage Of The Air Duct Cleaning Services

Improving Indoor Air Quality

After you consult with every air duct master and investigate, you’ll see that probably the most state that is related to cleaning the air ducts is their ability to raise the over-all indoor quality of air at your house. So how is this is possible precisely what does it basically involve? When it is right down to it the particular typical home is filled with all sorts of airborne pollutants which includes viruses, dander and bacteria.

These kinds of toxins will surely have huge harmful impacts regarding someone overall healthiness. It’s been handed down for individuals who have symptoms of allergy problems and additionally weakened immune systems.

As soon as the air conditioning and heating system works the unit literally circulates these kinds of toxins through the entire air duct system and in addition residential home which make them significantly more active. Duct clean-up will certainly assist prevent these kinds of toxic compounds for your residential home airflow.

Increase Life Of Your actual air ducts and vent

In the event that your ductworks are actually full out from dust plus debris it really slows down the motion referring to air when it comes to the ductwork system. The quality definitely will not simply just be restricted, but it definitely will often need to navigate around the possible roadblocks.

When air emitted across the air duct unit is limited or may be slowed down it is meaning that your system is going to have to operate two times as hard. because the air restriction makes the HVAC run harder and for a longer period the system has to work twice as hard.

If your air duct device is in fact dirty you can find a pretty good possibility that your coils are typically filthy just as well. Unclean coils are just the same as having dirty ducts. It really indicates, once more, which the system is going to operate twice as hard to match the climate in your own home. For this reason, our business together with the finest cleaning companies you can get take time to extensively clean the entire coils whenever the ducts cleared.

Good For All Duct System

air duct cleaning Houston service is not only just excellent for the high-quality of airflow in your home, but it also can work wonderfully on the duct units too. You’ve got to think about the air duct unit just like a mechanized device simply because it simply speaking is. And then, If there’s something that mechanical equipment share it’s the demand for maintenance and also attention.

Mechanical elements will require maintenance in order to really perform the job at optimum efficiency. The following same suggestion does apply to duct and air vents. Prolonged usage has the ability to cause cracks in addition to leakages throughout the system which will certainly limit the overall effectiveness at your HVAC system unit.

Moreover, high amounts of debris and dust set up on several duct joints might cause ducts to crack apart. air conditioning HVAC system cleaning is able to strip off this unnecessary debris and dust, exterminating typically the danger.

Take Care of Your primary Heating and air Conditioning System

Air conditioning and Duct Systems are pricey, this is correct. A replacement of either one will possibly run you a minimum 2,000 or even more bucks.

Duct cleaning up should truly be observed as a routine maintenance necessity instead of a luxury. As pointed out above, duct components are generally hardware equipment and they’ll over time need routine maintenance.

You could maintain them pretty much all you would like, nonetheless, they will eventually breakdown and require repair, yet preventive maintenance tasks such as duct cleaning up will certainly assist hold up and extend this type of repair together with break downs.

Why should you Completely clean The actual Air Ducts

A great number of air moves all through heating ventilation and air ducts. Due to the fact air is being recycled, this situation grabs loosely filth from inside of your home. The results actually are filthy ducts.

Whenever people not really remove and replace the HVAC filters as much as proposed, it not merely causes the entire HVAC equipment working harder, but additionally there’s little to hardly any defense in place to stop this fact from taking place.

If the filters get populated with dust and debris, it certainly won’t be prepared to stop dust from getting drawn inside the equipment. Ultimately, the debris and dirt will end up returning inside your home, if this is permitted continue.


Clean Air Ducts Save Your Household Away from Fires

A dirty heating and cooling air duct device is a fire risk to safety. In the event that dirt breaks outside the internal structure of the ducts, it might come into contact with the actual home heating coils.

This would cause fire flames, that would spread out through the entire ducts directly into crawlspace, basement or attic and also the living area. Protecting against fires associated with this must-have a mixture of things, such as a thorough cleanup by experienced home air duct cleaning company.



Once ductwork stays untreated for quite some time, the ducts have the habit to end up being busted. Ductwork is typically sealed together most of the time by using high standard Heating and air conditioning tape. Even if this tape is reasonably longer-lasting, it’ll also become weakened over the years, ending up with some sort of unsealed air vents unit.

Wild animals are almost always hunting for a nice worm, safe home to hide out away during the cold and maybe a chilled spot to hang around within the warm weather. Whenever your system is unsealed, it can be a safe and secure harbor to wild animals together with varmints, which includes rodents.



People young and old take in pollutants even while they have been inside of their property or home. These contaminants will cause a wide selection of diseases, this includes asthma attack not to mention an allergy problem. And, some of these pollutants are invisible throughout the actual Heating and air conditioning air duct systems.

Harmful toxins throughout air vent components vary from airborne dirt and dust to mold to pet dog dander. If you haven’t previously had your own ductwork cleaned up in several yrs, you are no doubt coming in contact with quite a few or each of this airborne debris.


Remove Bad Odor by using Air Vent cleaning Services

In case the duct typically is placed in crawlspaces and as well, cellars and garages, the vents and ducts are always cut directly into the flooring. Whenever you clean and mop, dust will most likely get into some of the ducts. Ducts within the home kitchen and as well as the dining room can also be exposed to foods crumbs.

Practically any time of dust results in odor and low air quality. After the food crumbs fall into your air duct, they could stay there for a long period, resulting in mold and mildew growing. The Mold holds musty smells.

Why would you Choose The Duct Kings Houston?

At the end of the day, there are many capable air duct cleaning companies with the Houston Metro that could do nice work. However, it is our business that really takes some things to the next stage.

We have been running this unique local air vent cleaning business for well over 10 years now. And furthermore, a number of our staff members have actually been operating air duct cleaning company for much longer. It’s this experience and knowledge which usually puts our service above the competitors.

Our business, as well as technicians, now have basically seen everything that often the air vents cleaning industry is providing. It does not make any difference whether your property or home has a duct board, flexible ductwork, or even metal, we really are geared up and educated enough to manage any sort of scenario.

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Family Owned and Operated

Another thing that absolutely sets us aside from the competitors is that we’re husband or wife owned and operated. In these days, considering the fact that HVAC cleaning starting to become a productive niche most companies are members of a greater franchise. Market players very easily noticed the possibility of air vents cleaning as it 1st got into fruition.

Obviously, there are many industrial and commercial providers that are able to do a fantastic job, and yet anything and everything comes across as being a lot colder. Furthermore, you will never know what kind of employees you’ll end up getting. You can discover an employee on a shift exactly where he has a disagreement with the employer which means the guy is not going to perform the highest on that day.

This is really a behavior which is often prevented when you go together with wife and kids owned and operated vendors. We are extremely pleased saying that we’re household members managed which is a small business that put food on our family table. It is primarily the excellent quality enabling our company’s individuals to set everything else to the side while giving our company’s valued clientele the number one customer service in town.

Ultimate Transparent Price

Coming from the wide range of duct cleanup promotional advertisements that you may have got hold of, you have probably pointed out that lots of the offered price ranges come across as too perfect for just be real. The reason being is they have been.

If you happen to concentrate on the contract details, you will see that many of these air duct cleaning Houston service cost is based upon 1 Air conditioning or even one vent. You will get this type of approaches in order to enter your private home.

After they are in the household they are likely to leave people holding a large bill that you didn’t be prepared for. It’s not your outcome whenever you give your business to our company. We provide upfront price quotes which have been prepared and bound by a written contract. Once we walk away from the project all of our clients will only pay the selling price that had been mentioned for them earlier.

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Experienced Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Service In Houston Texas

In Houston, Texas, you’re going to experience a lot of wind and dust. This can be problematic for any homeowner or business owner. After all, the wind is going to blow the dust directly into your establishment. From there, it’ll eventually enter your HVAC duct. Plus, your home already has dirt and debris that will eventually fall into the ducts.

In other words, you need to have your ducts cleaned out on a regular basis. If you do not, your HVAC system will be less efficient. You’ll be placing too much pressure and stress on the HVAC unit and this will increase the likelihood that it will malfunction soon.

This needs to be avoided and we can help. We are the most experienced commercial cleaning process in Houston Texas. Our experts are capable of extracting all dirt and debris from any commercial air ducts. With just one phone to call, you’ll be one step closer to breathing clean air once again.

Our Services

Our company understands that plenty of things can go wrong in your home. This is why we felt it was essential to offer a handful of services. Below, you’ll learn a little more about the services that we offer.

Cleaning and Restoration

First and foremost, we offer mold and water damage restoration services. Mold and water damage are often connected at the hip. If your home develops mold, there is a good chance that water damage is lurking right around the corner and vice versa. By working with us, you’ll be able to solve both problems pretty quickly. We can identify the water damage and extract it from the home quicker than anyone else.

You should never try to remove mold on your own. Doing so is too dangerous. Our company will do it for you. We’ll get rid of the mold and help ensure that your home or place of business is perfectly safe once again.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer is connected to a vent. This vent is responsible for allowing heat to escape. If the heat is unable to escape, your risk of experiencing a fire is going to increase immensely. With that being said, you need to keep the dryer vent clean. Sadly, this isn’t something you can take care of on your own. Instead, you should rely on the professionals. Our company can help. We offer dryer vent cleaning at minimum prices.

We are confident that we’ll be able to provide you with an excellent service at a great price. If you need your dryer vent cleaned, you should look no further than The Duct Kings! Remember that we serve Houston and nearby areas.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are just as important as your dryer vent. Both need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Having too much dirt and debris in your duct system means that you’re going to be breathing those things in at some point. This is very bad for your health. Plus, your HVAC system is going to be working under additional pressure. These are problems that you simply cannot tolerate. You need to work with us to avoid such problems.

We have the tools needed to get rid of the dust very quickly. You can be confident that your air ducts will be perfectly clean when we leave your home. If that is what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll want to get in touch with us right now!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say.

Excellent Overall Service

Wow! That is the first word that comes to mind. I call The Duct Kings to clean our my dryer vent. They did a great job. They treated me like a member of the family and got the job done quickly. I couldn’t ask for anything else. – Jane

Great Prices

Hired The Duct Kings to deal with mold in my home. They made it look easy. Now, my family can sleep in their beds knowing that they’re going to be safe and sound. Thank you Duct Kings! – Jennifer

Duct Cleaning Done Right!

My family home wasn’t staying cool. I knew something was wrong. I call the experts at The Duct Kings and they told me that it was probably my ducts. They cleaned out the debris and things have improved. I am very satisfied with their service. – Nathan

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