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Mold is a dangerous fungus that thrives in basements, crawl spaces, and other hidden places when they get damp for some time. It can cause significant respiratory problems and other complications in environments where it grows. Crawl space mold removal is an important service that homeowners must seek to keep their loved ones protected from the hazards the fungi can cause.

Mold emits harmful spores into the air that can cause your family members to have itchiness in the nose, eyes, nostrils, and throat. If an immediate remedy is not offered for this problem, affected family members can develop flu-like symptoms, allergic reactions, sinus infections, and neurological problems just because they have mold somewhere in their home crawl space.

Who Is At Risk Of Getting Health Complications From Moldy Crawl Space?

Mold affects people differently. Some people are not at all affected by exposure to crawl space moldy environments.

Others get sick when exposed to mold because they are allergic to it. Such people get sensitive when they touch mold. Others risk worsening symptoms as they already have respiratory infections and other issues. These are such as those with asthma or obstructive pulmonary disease. Others who risk worsening symptoms are those who have immune suppression or chronic lung disease.

Others at risk when mold spores infest your home are those undergoing chemotherapy, the elderly, and kids. If you notice any mold effects on your loved ones, do consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Types Of Molds In Your Crawl Space?

There are three main types of molds that can infest your crawl space. These are white, yellow, and black mold. Yellow mold causes no health problems but may damage your foundation. White mold is the less dangerous of the other two. It looks like mushrooms and causes allergies.

Crawl space black mold is the most dangerous of all three molds. Even a little exposure to it can cause significant problems in sensitive persons. It causes mycotoxins and releases spores. It causes existing health problems to get worse and causes allergies. Call for professional help as soon as you spot this type to remove the mold issue and mold problems from your home today!

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What To Do About Mold Remediation In Crawl Space

Your loved ones may not spend much time in the basement or crawl space. You should seek mold removal in crawl space services as soon as you notice an infestation. This speedy action is necessary because mold in any part of your house can be a hazard to your loved ones. Keeping your household members healthy and comfortable should be a priority for you.

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What Causes Mold Infestation In Crawl Space?

When the crawl space becomes damp because of inadequate ventilation, cracks in the crawl space foundation, and poor drainage, mold can develop. Other sources of crawl space mold include flooding, water damage, and plumbing leaks.

Mold flourishes in high-moisture environments that are also humid. It is very detailed to remediate mold in crawl spaces. It requires a series of processes in a very tight space. To succeed in mold removal from the crawl space, you must address the actual cause. If you address the problem without knowing the reason, the mold will most likely return much worse than before.

Here is a look at some causes of mold infestation of crawl spaces

Humidity and Condensation

Mold spores latch onto surfaces and thrive when the crawl space is humid. When humidity levels in your crawl space are above 50%, condensation occurs, raising the humidity level even more. Humidity levels can be kept low with dehumidifiers and fans.

Crawl Space Flooding

Crawl spaces run the risk of flooding during periods when heavy rains fall. If rainwater wets the crawl space as in a flood, mold will likely appear after the water recedes.

Some crawl spaces have plastic sheeting floors. These floors may not prevent water from getting trapped against the foundation walls. The problem arises because as the plastic ages, it cracks, and water seeps through. As it gets worse, holes develop, and water gets trapped in the crawl space just as it would a basement.

7 Handy Tips To Prevent Mold In Crawl Spaces

  1. Inspect foundation walls and ensure no cracks to allow water to sip in.
  2. Well-ventilated crawl spaces do not get moldy. Ensure at least one ventilation for every 150 feet of crawl space.
  3. Prevent water from accumulating near your house during the rainy season as it could flow into your crawl spaces. Downspouts and gutters should channel at least six feet away from your home.
  4. Check out for missing or sagging insulation in your crawl space, as this could indicate a water problem.
  5. Ensure dryer vents terminate outside the house and not in the crawl space.
  6. Insulation should be tight against the subfloor in vented crawl spaces. Mechanical fasteners should be used to secure the insulation snugly. The buckles are necessary to keep the insulation not falling off. Just stuffing it in between joists on the subfloor will not do.
  7. Inspect plumbing components and HVAC ducts for leaks.

DIY tips to eliminate mold in your crawl spaces.

Once the source of mold in your crawl spaces has been found and remedied, you could then go about removing the mold from crawl spaces. We recommend seeking professional services to do so.

If the mold occupies a smaller space, such as less than ten square feet, you can attempt to remove it. Do note, though, that the remedies you would use are not the same as those a professional firm would use.

When you are near mold, ensure that you have proper protection. This protection includes an N-95 mask, gloves, the right cleaning products and goggles for eye protection.

Home remedies for mold include the following:

  • Baking Soda – This is a popular option because it is already used to remove mold on other home surfaces. You can spread baking soda on your moldy surfaces and let them sit overnight. Clean such surfaces with water first thing in the morning. Baking soda does remove all other stuck dirt and dead mold. It is a popular homemade solution because if you clean everything thoroughly in the morning, there will be no unpleasant stenches to put up with.
  • Vinegar – Vinegar kills harmful bacteria and mold, which is why it is the most popular home solution for eliminating mold. Vinegar and water are mixed in equal portions, spraying the mixture on the moldy surfaces in your crawl space. The mixture is left to soak the affected areas for a few minutes and then cleaned off by scrubbing. Lastly, rinse with water.
  • Borax – Borax removes mold without leaving any traces behind. The only downside with borax is that it is toxic. It is only used in crawl space areas where household members do not eat or breathe in. it can harm your eyes and skin as well as pets. Chose borax only if vinegar and baking soda are unavailable.
    With borax, you do not need to rinse it out. You spray it on and leave.

Why Crawl Space Mold Removal Services

The comfort and health of the occupants of your home matter to you. As a homeowner, you may be quite aware of the health hazards mold overgrowth poses to the occupants of your home. When this fungus shows up, you may want to use the best professional service to eliminate the troublesome pest.

Our crawl space mold remediation services are unmatched in the North Texas area, just like our confidence. It is not all the time that you will need the services of a professional to get rid of mold. At The Duct Kings mold remediation company, we will give you a fair assessment of your case.

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