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Residential mold remediation isn’t a simple thing but it’s very important to do the mold removal as soon as you see it in your home because, once mold begins to grow indoors, it will continue to spread until something is done about it.

The only solution to this problem is house mold removal. This process involves removing the mold in a manner that eliminates the risk of contamination. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may be able to approach it as a DIY project or the experts may need to be called in.

While visible mold is not harmful, it produces toxins that can cause mild to severe symptoms. This is why it is crucial to have the mold removed as soon as it is discovered. Any delay in the process could lead to more damage and sickness.

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How To Tell If You Have Mold In Your House

Mold can appear in a variety of colors, including white, black and green. In the early stages, the mold will appear in patches that will continue to spread throughout an entire home if left untreated.

Along with these visible signs will be a strong musty odor. It is generally not that difficult to determine if mold is growing inside a residential establishment. Even though the signs of mold problems are obvious, you must be aware of the possibility and ready to take action.

Mold Testing

This is an assessment process that is conducted by trained technicians. A trained environmental protection agency EPA technician inspects the entire home from top to bottom. He is looking for signs of black mold and measuring the level of damage caused by the mold in every square feet area of the home.

While this is something that homeowners can do on their own, the experts know exactly what to look for. They also know the type of environment that mold grows in. So, they will be able to find the mold without a lot of problems even if it’s hiding in your heating cooling home HVAC system or the air ducts in your home.

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Symptoms Of Mold In House

People who are exposed to mold will respond in different ways. Some people will experience upper respiratory symptoms, such as sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose, while others will suffer severe allergic reactions that call for emergency treatment.

Long-term mold exposures can lead to respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Symptoms Of Mold In House

Testing For Mold In Your Home

To determine if the black substance growing in your home is actually mold, you will need to call in the experts. A mold test should be completed because it is the only way to get the actual results.

A technician will collect a sample and send it a nearby laboratory. It can take anywhere from two days to several weeks to get the results.

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Places You Can Detect Mold In Home

Living in a home infested with mold is never a good idea. This is especially true if the mold is dangerous or has been tampered with recently. However, there is one upside to mold. And, that is that it is fairly detectable as long as you know exactly where to look.

You probably already know that mold thrives in damp, dark places. This should give you a basic idea of where to start searching. Rooms like the bathroom and basement are prime real estate for mold growth.

Mold In House Walls

Unfortunately, not all mold will grow on the outside where it is detectable. There are some forms of mold that will grow on the inside of the walls and drywall insulation. If the infestation gets bad enough it is possible that the growth will reach the exterior of the surface. This is especially true if a water leak or moisture problem is entering a home wall.

These water or vapor stains will usually appear in yellow or brown color and this is where you want to start looking. Also, keep in mind that mold growth will not only create discolored spots, but it can entirely destroy your walls. Expansive mold growth can cause paint or wallpaper to crack, peel, or bubble. If you experience these occurrences in the mold there is a good chance that you are dealing with mold.

Mold Under House

Crawl space is also commonly a place that mold can grow. They provide the perfect environment for mold to grow and just the slightest water leak or moisture problems can lead to major mold growth.

Unfortunately, not all crawl spaces are pleasant. Some are low to the ground, some are filled with rocks, and some are just unsightly. Due to the fact that they are oftentimes hard to maneuver around in and unpleasant, most homeowners will opt for a professional inspection when they suspect mold growing under the home.

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​Our Home Mold Remediation Service

We are thrilled to offer professional mold remediation and removal services in your area. We’re supremely confident that we’ll be able to remedy your problem quicker than anyone else. We have hired the most diligent professions in the area and they’ve been trained on top of that. This gives us the unique ability to address your problem effectively and efficiently.

We’ll be in your home for a shorter period of time and we’ll still remove mold for you. We can extract and dispose of the mold in a safe way. We’ll make sure that the mold spores remain concealed at all times.

In the end, this ensures that you’ll be able to return to your home without any concerns whatsoever. Plus, we’ll remove mold in a safe way to ensure that it doesn’t become a burden for some unlucky individuals in the future.

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The Duct Kings Mold Services

You’ve got a problem on your hands. The good news is that you’ve discovered The Duct Kings. We offer many mold services to ensure that we’re going to be able to solve any problem that arises.

Below, you will learn more about some of the mold-related services that are offered by The Duct Kings.

Also, you can learn more about mold problems and how to avoid them in our blog.

Water Damage And Mold Remediation

Water Intrusion and mold go hand in hand. If you’re dealing with one, there is a really good chance that you’re going to be dealing with the other as well. This is why we feel it is necessary to provide clients with access to both services. If your home has suffered water damage, you just know that mold is hiding around the corner.

Our company can help. We’ll make sure that you kill two birds with a single stone. While removing the water damaged portions of your home, we’ll also go ahead and get rid of the mold.

Our services are efficient and cost-effective. If you need to get rid of water damaged drywall and mold, you need to call The Duct Kings!

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Schools and Commercial Buildings

Mold is a very serious problem and it is versatile. It will go pretty much anywhere and everywhere. It is also very resilient. Once the mold has taken root, it is going to continue growing and the problem will worsen very quickly. This is not something you can sit around and stew on. The problem needs to be addressed immediately.

Otherwise, your commercial business is going to remain closed for the duration. Our company can help with professional commercial mold remediation, mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings. We’ll make sure that the mold is dealt with as quickly as possible. In return, you’ll be able to open up shop much sooner.

If you run a commercial business and your property has developed mold, you need to do the right thing and call The Duct Kings.

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Residential Mold Removal Services

Finally, we also offer residential services. After all, you live in your home. If your home has mold, your home is going to become a hazard. You need to take steps to eliminate this problem right away. If you do not, you’re going to be putting everything at risk. These are risks that you cannot accept.

After all, moldy materials can lead to cancer. You need to start the mold cleanup and remediate the problem right now. The Duct Kings are here to help. We offer the best remediation services in the entire country. If you need assistance to prevent future mold, you need to contact us.

We will walk you through the procedure so you know what is going to happen. Then, we’ll give you a quote. Be sure to contact us today to get started.

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