Maybe you have considered HVAC air duct cleaning in Dallas TX. Maybe you are still on the fences. Whatever the situation is, there are a number of ways that you can benefit from air duct cleaning services.

As a Dallas Forth Worth, TX homeowner, there is a very good chance that you have heard about air duct cleaning service. In fact, you may have even received an ad or two in the mail boasting about duct cleaning and the many benefits.

That being said, you also need to make sure that you are taking the time to put in the proper research before choosing a company.

Choose the wrong company and those potential duct cleaning benefits will go right out the window. In order to reap the full benefits of duct cleaning and get your heating and cooling system professionally cleaned, you will need to choose a company that is going to do the job to the fullest with the utmost professionalism.

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The Duct Kings Method Negative Pressure Cleaning

It was mentioned earlier that duct cleaning efficiency can really come down to the way the company performs the duct cleaning. If the duct cleaning is not performed with the right techniques and procedures it basically is going to defeat the whole purpose of the cleaning.

This is why our company takes the time to make sure that we are thorough and do everything to the fullest extent possible. When we come out to the home our techs will make sure the system is completely sealed.

Our tech will go ahead and tie into the positive or supply side of the ventilation system with a HEPA vacuum. This vacuum will be placed as close to the HVAC system as possible and it will create a negative pressure on the entire HVAC air system. This negative pressure causes all the loose dust and allergens in the air conditioning system to be sucked up by the HEPA system.

The Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

Improvement of Indoor Air Quality

If you speak to any air duct professional or do research, you will see that the biggest claim about duct cleaning is their ability to improve the overall indoor air quality in the home. How is this possible and what does it really mean? When it comes right down to it the average home is full of all sorts of airborne contaminants like dust, dander, viruses, and bacteria.

These contaminants can have huge negative impacts on one’s health. This is especially true for individuals that suffer from allergies and weakened immune systems.

When the HVAC system comes it virtually circulates these contaminants throughout the home and duct system making them more active. Duct cleaning services in Dallas can help eliminate these types of contaminants for the home’s air.

Good For The Duct System

A duct cleaning is not only good for the quality of air in the home, but it can work wonders on the HVAC air duct work system as well. You have to think of the duct system as a mechanical system because it basically is. And, if there is anything that mechanical systems have in common it is their need for maintenance and care.

Mechanical systems all need maintenance to work at maximum efficiency. This same concept can be applied to air duct cleaning. Prolonged use can lead to leaks and cracks in the system which will decrease the overall efficiency of the system.

In addition to this, excessive dust and debris placed on certain air ducts joints can cause ducts to break apart. Duct cleaning can remove this excess dust and debris, eliminating the threat from your HVAC systems.

Increase The Life Of Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

When your ducts are full of accumulation of dirt bacteria it slows down the movement of air in the duct system. The air will not only be restricted, but it will also have to maneuver around the potential roadblocks.

When the air emitted throughout the duct system is restricted or slowed down it means that the system is going to have to work twice as hard. This system has to work twice as hard because the air restrictions make the HVAC run longer and harder.

If your duct system is dirty there is a good chance that your coils are dirty as well. Dirty coils are basically the same thing as having dirty ducts. It simply means, once again, that the system will have to work twice as hard to satisfy the temperature in the home. This is why our company and the best companies out there take the time to clean the coils when the ducts cleaned.

Protect Your Duct And Heating and Cooling System

There is simply no denying that HVAC and home air care systems are expensive. Replacing either one could set you back at least two thousand or more dollars.

Duct cleanings should really be viewed as a maintenance necessity rather than a luxury. As mentioned above, duct systems are mechanical devices and they will eventually need maintenance.

You can maintain them all you want, but they will eventually break down and need repairs, but preventive maintenance like duct cleanings can help delay and prolong such repairs and break downs.

Why Clean Your Ducts?

A lot of air circulates through HVAC ductwork. As air is being recycled, it picks up loose debris from the inside of the home. The results are dirty ducts.

When households not replace their HVAC filters as often as recommended, it not only causes the HVAC unit to work harder, but also there is little to no protection in place to prevent this from happening.

When the filter becomes filled with dust and dirty air, it will not be able to prevent dirt from being pulled into the system. Eventually, the dirt and debris will end up back inside your home, if this is allowed to continue. 


Clean air ducts can prevent Fire

A dirty HVAC duct system is a fire hazard. If the debris breaks away from the interior walls of the ductwork, it could come into contact with the heating coil.

This could result in a fire, which could spread through the ductwork into the crawlspace, attic or basement and the living space. Preventing fires related to this issue will require a combination of things, including a thorough cleaning.



When ductwork is left unattended for years, it has the tendency to become damaged. duct sealing is very important and the ducts are sealed together most often with high-quality HVAC tape. While this tape is very durable, it will also become damaged over time, resulting in an unsealed duct system.

Wild animals are always on the lookout for a warm, safe place to hide away in the winter and a cool place to hang out during the summer. If your system is unsealed, it will become a safe harbor for wild animals and varmints, such as rats and your system will suffer from pet dander and bad smells. 



People breathe in pollutants even when they are inside their home. These pollutants can cause a variety of conditions, such as asthma and allergies. And, many of these pollutants are hidden inside of HVAC duct systems.

Contaminants found in air duct systems can range from dust to mold to animal dander. If you have not had your ductwork cleaned in several years, you are probably being exposed to some or all of these contaminants. 


Remove Odor With Vent Cleaning

When the duct is installed in crawlspaces and basements, the vents are always cut into the floor. Every time you sweep and mop, debris will fall into the duct. Vents located in kitchen and dining rooms are also exposed to food crumbs.

Just about any time of debris can cause odor. Once the food crumbs fall into the duct, they could linger there for years, resulting in mold growth. Mold has a musty odor.

Why Choose The Duct Kings Dallas?

At the end of the day, there are a number of capable duct cleaning companies in the Fort Worth area that can do a good job. However, it is our company that really takes the cleaning process to the next level, because we also professionals when it comes to air duct replacement, indoor air quality, dryer vent cleaning, duct sealing and duct cleaning repair

We have been operating this local duct cleaning services company for over 10 years now. And, many of our employees have been performing duct cleanings for longer. It is this experience and knowledge that puts us over the competition.

Our company and employees have literally seen everything that the duct cleaning industry has to offer. It doesn’t matter if your home has a duct board, flexible ductwork, or metal, we are equipped and knowledgeable enough to handle any situation and services in Dallas Fort Worth.

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Another thing that really sets us apart from the competition is that we are family owned. Nowadays, because duct cleaning is such a lucrative market most companies are part of a larger franchise. Investors quickly saw the potential for Dallas Fort Worth duct cleaning service when it first came into fruition.

Sure, there are plenty of commercial air duct cleaning companies that are capable of doing a great job, but everything feels more impersonal. In addition to this, you never know what kind of employee you are going to get. Maybe you catch an employee on a day where he had an argument with his boss so he doesn’t do his job the best that day.

This is something that can be avoided when you go with family-owned companies. We are proud to say that we are family operated and this is a business that put food on our table. It is this quality that allows our employees to put everything else aside and give out customers the very best experience of their life.

Complete Transparent Cost Effective Pricing

Out of the number of duct cleaning ads that you have received, you have probably noticed that many of the quoted prices seem too good to be true. This is because they are.

If you look closely at the fine print, you will see that most of these HVAC air duct cleaning Dallas service prices are based on one HVAC system or one vent. They use these tactics just to get into your home.

Once they are in the home they will leave you holding a huge bill that you didn’t expect. This is not the case when you do business with our company. We provide an upfront free estimate that is written and bound by a contract. When we walk away from the job our customers will only pay the price that was quoted to them originally.

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What People Are Saying About Dallas Duct Kings Water Damage and Restoration Service

I was referred to this Dallas air duct cleaning company by a neighbor and I simply could not be happier with the professionalism that I go from the company and its air duct cleaners.

Betty Hammond

I can tell a huge difference in the way my air duct system is operating after getting a duct cleaning from Duct Kings water damage restoration services air duct cleaning services.

Teresa Greene

My wife has terrible allergies and after a suggestion from a co-worker, I tried The Duct Kings Water Damage and Restoration service. I can safely say that my wife has experienced an allergy attack in the home since the company left.

Michael Smith

The duct kings Dallas Tech worked around my schedule. The company went as far to show up early on a Saturday so that I didn’t have to take off work.

Veronica Melton

The duct kings restoration services team showed up when they said they would. When the job was done and my ducts cleaned I paid the price that I was quoted without any hidden fees. I will definitely hire them for all my air duct cleaning services in the future.

Vincent Couch

I started out with a concern for my indoor air quality. By the time Duct Kings Dallas left my home I had a sealed duct system and an HVAC system that is now working more efficiently than it has in the past five years.

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